Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Legends and Lore of Cape Cod

I am very excited to announce that my new book Legends and Lore of Cape Cod was published on May 23 by History Press. This book has been in the works for at least a year and is a volume of historical non-fiction. Many of the chapters highlight excerpts from my Cape history blog, Cape Rewind.

I cover many aspects of Cape Cod history from legendary miscreants, Wampanoag tales and murders to hurricanes and ill-fated sea voyages. I also revisit the lives of many famous people who graced our shores from Katherine Lee Bates to Mercy Otis Warren, from bird carver A. Elmer Crowell to legendary explorer Donald Baxter Macmillan. I also present village vignettes, local legends, Cape Cod eccentrics and inspirational legends. There is even an authentic Cape Cod love story (circa 1855).

For those who like tall tales, I have included a chapter on fantastic sea creatures, as well as chapters on haunted places and UFO sightings. I profile a famous Cape Cod witch, Liza Tower Hill, as well as the famous Granny Squannit of Wampanoag lore. There is a chapter on medical maladies (small pox cemeteries and a leper colony), as well as a chapter titled “Believe It or Not.”

In keeping with tradition, I conclude my book with a chapter on “Legendary Hyannis Port” and the special family who has called Cape Cod its summer home since 1929. I felt my book would not be complete without a look back at the Kennedys and their influence on this area.

In the retelling of these stories, I tried to capture the special quality of living on Cape Cod. This place is only 339 square miles with fifteen towns that cover three unique sections: Lower, Middle and Upper Cape. I also include the Penikese Islands, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket in some of these tales. As I said in my introduction, “It (Cape Cod) is a place rich in culture and diversity and I will try to offer stories that show its special nature.”

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